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EDE with HealthSherpa Jumpstarts Carrier Marketing

Modern marketers will tell you that while there’s still value in broad brand campaigns, converting prospects into members means understanding the data that will inform more precise targeted and personalized campaigns. It’s about giving each customer what they individually need to convert to a member, and doing that as quickly and effectively as you can. EDE with HealthSherpa widens your marketing funnel by giving you vast access to real-time data about your prospects and potentially renewing members. This increases your overall marketing opportunities while also cutting down on campaign administration. It empowers carrier marketing teams to drive real growth and brand identity in the rapidly evolving ACA individual market.


Wider Funnels, More Opportunities

One of the greatest challenges facing carriers with plans on the ACA marketplaces is reliably marketing to prospects all the way through the funnel. You used to have to get your message in front of them and then hope that they stuck with you all the way through the HealthCare.gov-based eligibility and enrollment process, and make sure they trust you with their personal information. EDE with HealthSherpa makes it possible to enroll members directly through your own marketplace, with no user redirects to HealthCare.gov for any reason. That means that you can track the customer journey all the way through, providing appropriate and personalized messaging as customers work their way down the funnel. Plus, the process is shorter and requires fewer clicks and redirects, which means they’re more likely to stick it out. And then, when renewal time rolls around, you can message them early and effectively get a head start on serving their needs and keeping their business.

With EDE, you get:

  • More leads, both from your own funnel and from other sources like HealthCare.gov and the broker/agent community
  • Lead scoring, so your marketing and sales teams can prioritize campaigns based on likelihood that a prospect will convert
  • Readily accessible reports and analytics on prospect and member demographics and enrollment behavior, so you can make real-time, targeted marketing decisions
  • HealthSherpa consumer research, culled from millions of enrollments, to further hone your marketing and sales edge in the individual marketplaces you serve


Modern Tools = Less Administration and Faster Implementation

Health insurance marketing, especially for ACA individual coverage, comes with its own unique challenges. You must ensure that your eligibility and enrollment experience meets CMS guidelines. These and other unique requirements can add a great deal of time and complexity to your implementation of sales and marketing platforms. But with HealthSherpa, you get a platform that can be configured in weeks and has been compliant with CMS guidelines from the start—HealthSherpa was the first company approved for EDE and remains the clear leader in EDE-based plan enrollments.

When you implement EDE with HealthSherpa, you get a customer experience that is extensive, branded and simple. And you get a role-based administrator experience that gives you

  • All of your prospect marketing data in one place, easily accessible by your team and protected from accessibility outside of your team and organization.
  • Communication tools to enable you to message your prospects at any point during their comparison shopping and enrollment.
  • Testing capabilities that enable you to text the effectiveness of various messages in real-time to make quick and confident decisions about your marketing messaging.
  • Data dashboards and reports to help your marketing and other internal teams set trackable goals across functional areas, ensuring everyone is on the same page and getting the best results.


The days of thinking that you have to create your sales platforms inside your company are (or should be) a thing of the past. Modern marketing is about agility, intelligence and responsiveness. EDE with HealthSherpa is the proven leader in converting prospects into customers in the HealthCare.gov market. It gives you a wider funnel while ensuring you can keep your team small, agile, and always converting.


To learn more about EDE, contact us at ede@healthsherpa.com.