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EDE with HealthSherpa Will Level Up Your Internal Sales

Sales teams excel based on their ability to find and convert leads. EDE with HealthSherpa is a sales team’s best friend because it provides a complete marketing and sales platform that’s easy to implement and use, and provides all the data you need to personalize your sales pitches. Plus, Telesales Lead Scoring from HealthSherpa ensures that you are able to prioritize your leads by how likely they are to convert. It means your sales team will spend less time prospecting and more time turning prospects into members.


Optimized for Inside Sales

The ACA individual market presents you with the challenge of building up a brand identity that will draw new customers and keep the customers you have while keeping a close eye on both your competitors and your margins. Guiding your customers through internal sales or exclusive agent arrangements are key to those goals, and EDE with HealthSherpa is an essential tool in that effort.

Here’s just some of what EDE with HealthSherpa provides your internal sales teams:

  • HealthSherpa Lead Scoring helps you prioritize your efforts to those who are most likely to convert, and the data we supply helps you give each customer exactly what they need to convert.
  • Administrator role makes it as easy to manage applications as it is to guide members through enrollments.
  • Full CRM toolset gives you access to more and better data than you’ll get from enrollments on HealthCare.gov.
  • HealthSherpa implementation experts are always available to provide insights for making the most of what EDE can do for you.


Easy to Implement and Use

Getting solid sales tools can often mean a lengthy procurement and implementation process. But EDE with HealthSherpa can be done nearly as quickly as your team is motivated to have it. Both the member and administrator experiences are connected directly to the HealthCare.gov API, which has enabled us to create a modern, flexible platform that ensures that your white-lable marketplace helps you convert leads as easily and reliably as it enables you to support (and renew) your enrolled members.

EDE enables your marketing team to widen their funnel of leads and then provides your sales teams with administrative tools (and an awesome quote-to-card consumer experience) that makes it easy to convert more leads. Plus, when it’s time to renew, you can get a head-start on quoting your members with new plans  

To learn more about EDE, contact us at ede@healthsherpa.com.