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How EDE with HealthSherpa Unlocks Your Data in Real Time

Data is the fuel for modern growth marketing. Yet too many carrier systems are focused on analytics and don’t give you access to your data in real-time. EDE with HealthSherpa empowers you to take action with users at every step of the enrollment journey, including our own lead scoring capability, so that you can convert nearly 3x as many prospects as without HealthSherpa.


Data-Driven, Data-Informed

Relying solely on is like skiing in a snowstorm without goggles—you only see a fraction of what’s in front of you. EDE with HealthSherpa is your own marketplace and enables you to track every step of the user journey. Even better, it’s not just providing you with reports that help you create great retrospectives. Every user journey can be tracked in real time, greatly increasing your opportunities to connect with prospects to encourage them through to enrollment.

When you implement EDE with HealthSherpa, you get

  • Information on key status updates when they occur, so you know where every prospect is in the enrollment process.
  • HealthSherpa Lead Scoring, which provides you with a formula to determine which of your current prospects are most likely to convert into members.
  • Multiple communication options, including email and text, so you can send notifications and multi-message campaigns to prospects at any point in their journey—as well as connect your sales teams directly with them.
  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities within the administrator role to look at enrollment data in aggregate and quickly adjust your campaigns and messaging to increase effectiveness.


Know More, Get More Members

None of these are available if you rely on alone. And no other provider gives you both the immediate access to data and the insights that will help you go even further with your ACA marketplace strategies.

EDE with HealthSherpa is the leader in EDE enrollments—more than 9 in 10 ACA customers who enroll via EDE do so with HealthSherpa. Our proprietary data insights tools have been shown to increase enrollment by as much as 2.7 times over alone. As the ACA market becomes more competitive, it becomes essential to act as a modern marketing organization, and the data and analytics tools that come standard with EDE with HealthSherpa will help you do just that.


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