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American Exchange tried it all, and that’s why they chose HealthSherpa for ACA Enrollments


American Exchange has been in the ACA business from the beginning. In fact, COO Andrew Hetzler still remembers submitting paper applications to by mail in 2013. Read on to learn why American Exchange has stuck with HealthSherpa after trying many other ACA enrollment solutions.

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Tell us a little more about American Exchange.

The Agency was founded in January of 2013, and we’ve been in the ACA business since the beginning. Our core lines of business are Individual Health Insurance, Medicare, and Revenue Cycle Management. We have 22 team members, and we are licensed and contracted in all 50 states. Most of our business is in the Southeast and we have offices in Tennessee and Florida.

Did you try other ACA enrollment solutions before HealthSherpa?

Yes, I think we have tried them all! We went through ACA Express, INSX Cloud, Rabbit App and some others.

We chose HealthSherpa over others for the Phase 3 Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) features, and the ease of the reporting. With other enrollment solutions, we weren’t able to quickly update the client’s account and view their current eligibility status. The Phase 3 EDE helped save us a ton of time with Customer Service issues (uploading docs, identifying changes, etc.) and also allowed us the flexibility of writing all policies under one NPN. 

Note: HealthSherpa’s new addition of AOR visibility in the client page has helped a lot. We’re able to identify clients that were erroneously enrolled with the wrong NPN due to human error. 

How has your business grown in the last year? 

We were able to increase our Open Enrollment volume by 23% from 2019 to 2020 due to the quick and easy enrollment platform provided by HealthSherpa.

Other than EDE in general, the biggest feature that influenced this increase is not having to redirect to the Marketplace for complicated applications. Being able to do everything on one software platform saved us time, and we were able to use that time to reach out to larger populations of clients.

What’s next for your agency? Are there new ways you’re planning on using HealthSherpa going forward? 

We are developing a way to integrate health insurance enrollment as part of a value proposition to the medical billing and revenue cycle management services. Many provider’s offices and hospitals are trying to get their patients enrolled in coverage, and we are becoming the leader in an integrated model for patient enrollment and revenue cycle management.



American Exchange remembers a time before EDE, and makes full use of the boost it provides to their ACA enrollment and client servicing. We’re honored to be their ACA enrollment platform of choice, and we look forward to continuing to be a part of their growing agency.

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