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Never ask again: Client Marketplace Notices visible through your HealthSherpa account


As an ACA agent, you know there are several notices the Marketplace sends to your client with regards to their eligibility, 1095 A, and follow ups.

Instead of asking your clients for these notices, you can now access them directly from each client’s profile in your HealthSherpa for Agents account.

This feature will appear automatically for all accounts with Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) enabled. Click here for instructions on how to opt into EDE with HealthSherpa.

When a follow up document changes status (e.g. new, insufficient, complete, expired) in the Client table view, you’ll be able to see the full details by viewing the client’s Marketplace notices.

Follow-Ups view from Client Table

Below are some frequently asked questions about this new feature. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please reach out to our Agent Support Team at (888) 684-1373 or

Where are you getting these notices?
HealthSherpa has the fullest integration possible with the Marketplace. The links on your client profiles point straight to copies of the notices from CMS.

How far back will notices go?
HealthSherpa will pull all notices for all applications.

How are the notices organized?
The notices for your client will appear from newest to oldest.

What are the topics of these notices?
Here is a link to a list of all possible notices from CMS that could show up in this new view.

See Marketplace notices today

If you already have a HealthSherpa account, you can get begin reporting life changes for your clients today. Log in here to get started.

New to HealthSherpa? Don’t worry — it’s easy to get started with a free HealthSherpa for Agents account. HealthSherpa is a CMS-approved alternative to, and we are able to help you enroll your clients directly on our site with Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE). Through a HealthSherpa account, you can enroll, track, and service your ACA clients year-round. Visit our HealthSherpa for Agents page today to learn more and sign up for an account.