How You Benefit From Offering Health Insurance Resources to Part-Time Employees

Attracting and retaining strong talent is a growing concern across every industry. In 2015, 62 percent of C-Suite executives identified this goal as a primary focus for the coming year, up from 45 percent in 2014. Employee benefits are front and center in this effort, as health care reform continues into its next phase. Often, however, some of the top talent you need to attract are freelance contract workers or part-time employees, and it’s essential that you don’t exclude them from the benefits conversation. Here’s the approach you can take to make sure that you stand in a supportive position with respect to every worker in your organization, not only the full-time permanent ones:

Health Insurance Benefits Are More Important Than Wages

As health care costs continue to grow, workers place ever-greater emphasis on finding employment that includes affordable insurance coverage. Part-time and contract workers feel the same urgency, even if they don’t qualify for insurance through their employer. A 2016 survey found that 60 percent of workers say they would be willing to accept a job with lower pay if it had good benefits, while 42 percent say that improving benefits would be a major factor in keeping them from leaving their current jobs. This outlook becomes clearer when the same survey revealed that 65 percent of respondents say they couldn’t come up with even $1,000 for out-of-pocket medical costs.

Information Is a Key Benefit for Part-Time Employees

While the insurance package that you offer your full-time workers is crucial to your employer brand, you may also be considering benefits to add value for your part-time and contract workers. In today’s changing health insurance landscape, sometimes solid information is the most valuable resource you can provide. Part-time and contract workers may not qualify for health insurance benefits directly through your company, but their needs and concerns regarding benefits are still pertinent to their job decisions. If you proactively offer resources to connect them with all their Marketplace options, you are identifying your company as one that stands behind the health care needs of every member of your organization.

Sorting out health insurance options has become such a complex task that many private consumers are no longer capable of independently identifying the best care and coverage. Furthermore, HR professionals are already at their limits keeping up with the insurance and benefits packages that they provide to full-time employees. They often simply don’t have time to research the range of Marketplace options that are available to 1099 workers, part-timers or people who are retiring.

“Companies Must Intervene”

As part of strategic planning for 2016-17, 87 percent of employers state in a health survey that they intend to increase their employees’ awareness of Marketplace resources. Sixty-three percent specifically noted that they want to help their workers understand provider price and quality, so that each person can make the best health coverage decision possible. The survey ultimately concluded that “companies must intervene to ensure employees receive support and advocacy.”

HealthSherpa Offers A FREE Comprehensive Resource

HealthSherpa specializes in Marketplace plans, so that you don’t have to. We offer a one-stop combination of complete information and friendly enrollment support that you can offer your part-time and other employees who are not eligible for benefits. We stand behind your employer brand, demonstrating your commitment to the good health of each person who helps make your business run.

HealthSherpa supports the following employee populations: part-time and 1099 contractors, full-time benefits-eligible new hires waiting for coverage, employees who move between full and part-time, early retirees and anyone who is COBRA eligible.

A healthy business depends on healthy employees. Contact HealthSherpa today to learn how we can help you give your part-time employees the confidence of knowing they have the right health insurance plan for themselves and their families.

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