HealthSherpa & The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference Your Health Care. Your right.


HealthSherpa believes in health care for all. In the case of our LGBTQIA customers, we aim to be as knowledgeable and compassionate as possible in an effort to foster a safe space for this community to ask questions about their options and obtain health insurance.

Assisting health care-seeking Transgender folks as they work to understand how to better navigate the Affordable Care Act and health care at large is vital. Often, the Transgender community does not have access to education, support, or affirming spaces to explore their unique and individual health options. This can include hormone medications, surgical options, mental health, and beyond. Before all health care related needs can be successful, simply feeling seen, heard, and affirmed by the staff of providers and insurance agents must exist for them to find wellness and maintain it in a truly holistic sense.

Attending the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference as a sponsor and as a company who employs members of the LGBTQIA community was vital to part of HealthSherpa’s core values. We were able to share space and build ties with clinics, health insurance providers, task forces, and attendees. Our conversations were meaningful and a an incredible learning experience. Our desire to attend this conference was the same desire we have every single day; we endeavor to make as much space as we can to help all of our community feel entitled to health insurance.

HealthSherpa is proud partners with Out2Enroll, an awesome resource for the LGBTQIA community. On their site you can find LGBTQIA affirming assisters in your zip code to help navigate finding a plan that works for your specific needs. Out2Enroll also offers assistance in navigating financial barriers, discrimination, transgender health needs, same-sex couples, HIV/AIDS, youth, and small business owners.
Ready to learn more about how to enroll in quality and affordable health insurance plans? HealthSherpa has your back! We can be reached at via chat on our home page,, by phone (855) 772-2663, or by emailing

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